Working with your partner   Couples Counselling


Working with your partner (couples counselling) offers a safe space in which to explore where you both are in your relationship.  Sometimes there has been an interruption to the relationship, a breach of trust, betrayal, infidelity &/or a breakdown in communication.  Couples work allows you both to consider how and what needs to happen to provide opportunity and space for a new relationship to be established.  Sometimes, however, the focus of the work is how to make a good ending for the relationship.


Working together in this therapeutic space can help you explore any unhelpful dynamics that may have come to characterise the relationship.  Together we can then work to make adjustments and changes that offer a more compassionate and fulfilling way of being together.  Exploring the characteristics and dynamics of the relationship provides opportunity for giving up old ways that are no longer working and developing new.

Couples work can help refresh, enhance or develop listening and empathic skills which may have been forgotten or put aside in the struggle to deal with immediate day to day life issues.